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It took me some days to accept the last few reveals of vlr but now I love everyone again haha


I really don’t know if this is anything close to an official height chart or if someone just mashed up some official art to match their own headcanons, but I guess it’s a better starting point than nothing.


At first I used to think “You can’t compare something to Persona 3 just because it uses the phrase Memento Mori!” But then I…


Rock Band Icons (by Tata & Friends)

Spanish graphic design studio Tata & Friends has illustrated ‘Rock Band Icons’, a series of posters which delineate the names of renowned bands using straightforward and literal graphics. A hot yellow background describes each canvas, with black lines marking the pictographic representations. Some motifs portray motion — like the two circumventing arrows wrapping around the image of a rock, indicating ‘The Rolling Stones’; others narrate the musician’s name with a stacked series of static graphics. Take a look at the collection of posters to see if you can name the band based on the pictograms, before you read the name.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Persona 4

I typed all of the Investigation Team + a bonus Labrys and Adachi.

I am fairly confident about the typing, having thought long and hard and done a lot of research to get the right type for every character.

Feel free to use the Banners as you please, just don’t claim credit for them.


my life


Ted & Mother(Tracy McConnell) || La Vie En Rose